Got a story on Greyhound? – Some news for we all!!

If you are a traveler who has mobility impairment and use multiple types of transportation, then you probably have a story about Greyhound. I have memories of them telling us we couldn’t ride as a small child even!

Well, friends I am writting this time with some good news!!! After decades of work by the disability community major changes are underway.

Recently, I went to San Antonio with a friend. We took Greyhound. We road to and from San Antonio on brand new buses that were fully accessible, the staff understood how to use the equipment and the staff was helpful. All of the buses we saw were lift erupted    It is important to know that the Department of Justice entered into an agreement with Greyhound.  The agreement requires Greyhound to pay damages to people who have been discriminated against in recent years. If you have filed a complaint against Greyhound you may what to check the Department of Justice website at

The consent decree applies to buses and the Greyhound website.  Now anyone with a disability can buy tickets online which is important because that’s how you get the best prices. The trip we took was kind of a work thing so we didn’t get to do a lot of sightseeing but our trip to San Antonio easiest and most enjoyable I have ever taken on Greyhound, I am planning to go to San Antonio again soon.

We did get to go past the Alamo so I am including that picture.

at the alamo



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